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Nikki Cleary Fanz

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[30 May 2005|07:44pm]

Hey, I just joined. My name is Sara, I'm 15. I luv Nikki, She's so cool!!

add me if u like.. i want some more lj friends. LOL
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[20 Feb 2005|10:41am]

this community is dead. sigh HI PEOPLE :-* this is xswtdreamerx with a new name.
fall in love with me

[25 Sep 2004|04:48am]

Hi, I'm Liz, and I just joined. :) I'm 24, probably a lot older than the average fan of pop, but I don't care, I love all kinds of music!

So I was reading the userinfo...Nikki & Brittney Cleary are actually the same person? I've had both CDs for awhile now, in fact I think I got them both on the same day, but I didn't know this...I though maybe they were sisters, lol.

I listen to the Nikki one a lot more than Brittney. My favorite is "The Game".

It's nice to see a community for her, and also Triple Image. I see it's also owned by xswtdreamerx and I joined, but I just don't know what to post yet.

See ya around. :)
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